May 1 - June 13

Ole Marius Jørgensen

“The Way North”

Haunting cinematic portraits of Norwegian folklore

Ole Marius Jørgensen is a fine art photographer based in Oslo. He combines humor and a Norwegian strain of surrealism in his work and finds his inspiration in old folk tales and Nordic sagas. He likes to shoot in the sparsely populated areas of the Northern regions. Many of his iconic images reflect the dreams and fears of his countrymen and raise questions of identity.

The Way Home is shot on location in the sparsely populated forests and mountain regions of Northern Norway. Jorgensen collaborated with costume designer Mikkel Brand Bugge and created their own visions of the creatures....MORE

Apr 2, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Ming Smith @

Swann Auction Galleries

Ascension: A Century of African-American Art

Transcendence #1

New York photographer Ming Smith, is known for her informal and active portraits of significant African-American cultural figures such as Alvin Ailey. Smith's recent work as exemplified by the Transcendance series explores the connections between photography and painting. Her contribution to the history of photography is evidenced by her inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art's exhibition Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography...MORE

Preview: March 28, 12-5; March 30 to April 1, 10-6; April 2, 10-12