Tom & Lois White


Photography, digital subtractive multiple exposure, archival pigment print on 100% cotton rag stock

FIRE/WORKS represents an expressionistic view of the mundane yet broadly popular phenomenon – firework displays. Always viewed from a distance and in a predetermined mechanical sequence, it has become a very common visual experience. Tom & Lois' idea is to imagine what it is like to be up close and inside an event and visualize the light and energy more intimately. They photograph, dissect and reconfigure the scenes, then relaunch the sequence. With the combination of abstract and representational, they retain an essence of the original event but with a new painterly energy.

Through their process, Tom & Lois explore the vagaries of light through the use of multiple exposure, color, black and white, and positive/negative within each image. The resulting works challenge the viewer’s perception of the image’s subject matter and medium. 

“It is important to us to challenge the traditional understandings of photography and fine art and remove typical distinctions of what a photograph or painting is and allow the viewer to focus on the image without defining the medium.” - TW

Note: Because of the up-close nature of the images, artworks can be mounted both horizontally or vertically

fire/works, series #1

2005-2014 (released 2013)

40x52in (102x132cm); edition of 3: $2,400 - framed: $3,000
31x40in (79x102cm); edition of 7: $1,200: - framed: $1,600
24x32in (61x81cm); edition of 15: $600: - framed: $850

Diptych (#13 & #6)
80x52in (204x132cm); edition of 3:    prints: $4,800, - with frames: $6,000
62x40in (158x102cm); edition of 7:    prints: $2,400: - with frames: $3,200
48x32in (122x81cm); edition of 15:    prints: $1,200: - with frames: $1,750

fire/works, series #2


40x52in (102x132cm); edition of 3:    print: $2,400, - with frame: $3,000
31x40in (79x102cm); edition of 7:    print: $1,200: - with frame: $1,600
24x32in (61x81cm); edition of 15:    print: $600: - with frame: $850

fire/works, series #2, long format

2014, 2015

57x34in (109X132cm); edition of 5:     print: $2,400, - with frame: $3,000
40x24in (84X102cm); edition of 10:     print: $1,200: - with frame: $1,600

Frames and shipping

Frame option includes archival mounting with conservation clear UV acrylic in contemporary gallery style black or white wood frames. No matting, just the natural white boarder of the paper and edge of the artwork.

Shipping, handling and insurance costs vary depending on size, purchase value, framing option and delivery location.


Each edition has 3 Artist Proofs reserved

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