Lucia Valencia

"Lucía Valencia's art makes me imagine the character and personality of the owner of each garment; the fabric and even the color; the jacket belongs to a ranger that is looking for his wallet, the color is dark green and the wallet dark brown, the weather is cool; one shirt is white silk and the owner is Marcello Mastroiani in La Fontana de Trevi; the other is cotton pale blue and belongs to a business man.

"The way she paints stimulates my mind. I close my eyes and each garment is exactly behind a black Mark Rothko canvas. What I enjoy also is how Lucia's art, transcends imagination. I am waiting to see the raincoat of Camus, the robe of Caesar, and the silk tunic of Buddha, and celebrate how emotions unite in her art."

- Jal Magrive


"Light and shadow, black and white, acrylic and graphite, pencil drawing and painting; an incredibly realistic rendering against a flat, or almost flat background. Lucia Valencia has created her own technique in her need to convey, not a picture perfect image, but an emotion. She has chosen as her subject matter, images all too familiar to us; The old gabardine hanging from a hook, the big white shirt thin from so much wear. In her own language, she is building a bridge between her and the viewer. She paints, we observe. She feels, we feel, we connect. This quality is what makes her work valuable. It is not just the great technique. In short, Lucia's paintings devoid of color but rich in detail are such that we can understand, we can relate to, and mostly we can live with."

- Gisela Gonzalez De Ponette




Born Mexico City, Mexico. 1966


1985 - Studied drawing, design and painting at the “Istituto per l´Arte e il Restauro,” Florence, Italy
1990 - Studied graphic design at “Universidad Anáhuac” southern campus


Exhibitions, Work, Honors
2015 - Solo exhibition, "Lavar a Mano", Galeria Terreno Baldio, Mexico City
2013 - Guest artist invited to install two sculptures of Snoopy by Metlife. Sculptures were auctioned with proceeds going to indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico 
2013 - Special Mention in “Royal Talens 2013”, collective exhibit in the MUNAL,“Museo Nacional de Arte”, Mexico City
2012 - Illustrated book, “Elegía por Hiroshima y Nagasaki” (Elegy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) by poet Jal Magrive, with 19 works in watercolor and graphite
2009 - Finalist in the “Premio Club Reforma,” organized by “Reforma” Newspaper
2008 - Solo exhibition in Morelia, Mexico with 10 acrylic paintings
2007 - Began developing combined acrylic and watercolor technique 
2005 - Solo exhibition at the German Club of Mexico City with 27 watercolor paintings
2002 and 2003 - Participated in the “Salón de la Acuarela” on two occasions with honorable mentions 
2001 - Won Alfredo Guati Rojo prize at the “Museo de la Acuarela”
1995 - Illustrator for various clients 
1994 - Worked as an illustrator at the Dante Escalante studio