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The Jungle, The Forest, The City

Luis Bivar is a Portuguese contemporary figurative artist who lives and works in Lisbon. As an Art Director, he won the first edition of the European Design Modulex Award, all while painting and exhibiting his work. His long time pursuit of color and comic strips has led him to establish himself successfully in Portugal as well as in Northern Europe and the USA.        

Bivar makes a point of showing imperfection in his paintings for he believes that a work in progress should be spontaneous, and that “error” is part of any artists’ expression. He believes that new media is a permanent challenge and explores various techniques in his artwork including drawing, mixed media, and more recently, sculpting.
Private and public collections in Lisbon include: Champalimaud Foundation, Portuguese Aids Foundation, Banco Espirito Santo and Embassy for the Republic of Angola; also in Gortex Russia and AMEX Norway