Australian-born, Toronto-based photographer Renée Munn is best known for her large scale collages of female portraits. Composed from multiple negatives Munn’s artistic play on reality manipulates time and space, allowing the viewer to transcend the frame and undergo the multiple dimensions of appearance and experience of oneself.

As a photographer Munn is interested in the expressive possibilites of the medium. In her work she explores numerous analogue and traditional darkroom techniques such as double and triple exposure, photogram's, cliché verre and combination printing to alter her figures and create a single image that is both real and imagined. Her collages are finished painted with beeswax and oil paint and are exhibited unframed and tangible.

Munn has a BFA from Ryerson University's School of Image-Arts in photography. She has been the recipient of several international awards and her artwork has been acquistioned for the permanent collections at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Ryerson University.