Tom & Lois White

Collaborative husband and wife team Tom and Lois White are founders and resident artists at Exhibit No.9, gallery and studio for contemporary art in Asbury Park. Both are long-time designers and photographic artists immersed in various disciplines both commercially and in the fine arts. Whether it is the quiet focus of their black and white images, or the dynamic compositions of their experimental multiple exposure photography, they use their combined eye to reinterpret everyday surroundings, travels, and experiences.

Tom is a a widely commissioned and published designer and image maker for more than two decades. His award-winning work has been seen all over the world. He is the “canvas” behind the duo. He has the pleasure of unwrapping Lois’ raw footage and discovering, revealing, inventing, conjecturing, and expanding their stories. 



Lois is the lens behind the pair. She is a fashion designer and photographer with an incredibly natural eye for connecting ideas, concepts and experiences to her camera. For her, the use of the lens is less about capturing a moment but an intent or experience that is palpable to the viewer. For Lois, the camera is an unwitting conduit between the cerebral and the real.

“Our minds together conceive and unlock ideas yielding opportunities to discover unexpected results, and open-minded interpretation of our experiences. When our creative interplay is tested, the creation process is successful and exhilarating.”

Tom is also the printmaster at the gallery's in house print studio, 9 Surf Editions.


roadway/conversations; series

2005-2015, ongoing

Digital photographic process, subtractive multiple exposure, archival pigment print

An ongoing body of work dissects, expands and recasts the hidden vibrant under-layers of the utilitarian light sources we encounter and ignore while we travel at night. The subtractive multiple exposure process reveals a painterly essence transforming the light elements into abstract images reminiscent of brush strokes, spray paint, ink drawings and graffiti. The result is a new way to experience something we are all familiar with. The context is vaguely familiar, but by virtue of various multiple exposure combinations, a new 'reality' is revealed. ToLo's raw footage yields organic motion and structures of light, provoking painterly gestures to express the hidden beauty of brief moments. The uncontrolled and random results fall in step with the intent to capture what is generally overlooked. Roadway/conversations seeks to turn what is usually ignored into an aesthetic which cannot be ignored.




underlight; studies

2005-2015, ongoing series

Photographs, archival pigment print

An ongoing black and white photographic studying the structure of light in different forms. In this case the images are shot at various firework displays. The energy, randomness, shape, fleeting nature, simplicity and complexity, purpose and beauty (or lack of) are all features of the study. It is essential for the artists to apply the study as negative black and white, which shows these qualities in their very essence, undistracted by color. These studies are then applied as starting points to “fire/works”, a larger body of work in which they reimagine and restructure fireworks sequences from an up close perspective. It is interesting that the negative images echo other art forms.


fire/works; series

2005-2015, ongoing

Digital photographic process, subtractive multiple exposure; archival pigment print

Seven plus years in the making, this body of work represents our unique view of the broadly popular phenomenon - firework displays. Always viewed from a distance and in a predetermined mechanical sequence, it has become a very common visual experience. Our idea is to imagine what it is like to be up close and inside the event and visualize the light and energy more intimately. We photograph, edit, choreograph, dissect and reconfigure the scenes, then relaunch the sequence. With the combination of abstract and representational, we retain an essence of the original event but with a new painterly chaos


view/in/out; series

2013, ongoing

Diptych photographs, archival pigment print

In this group of work, Tom and Lois  explore the relationship of light and dark in whatever their environment may be. The black and white medium exposes the essence and tension between the light and the dark, the ominous and the beauty. Intense images using familiar vernacular are juxtaposed against other images multiplying their ambiguity.

Maybe the scenes are familiar or remind them of experiences they've had. Or maybe they are unfamiliar or anti-cliché. When placed with each other, the images provide a new meaning rather than answering questions about their relationships.

Much of their work deals with hidden underlayers of structure, light, and color, and transforming their contexts into vaguely familiar but new experiences. However, in this series of dual black and white images, they've created a framework for the viewer to place themselves in the images and weave their own impressions.




1995 - present

Both Tom and Lois have been working commercially as designers for 25 years.

Tom’s clients have included many of the world’s top companies, agencies and publishers including, 2002 Winter Olympics, AT&T, Citibank, Fedex, Harvard University, Los Angeles Times, MIT, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York Times, Newsweek, NFL Superbowl, Panasonic, Portsmouth Musem of Art, Radio City Music Hall, Scientific American, The Recording Academy (The Grammys), Time Magazine among many others

Lois’s work as a fashion designer includes Macy’s, Objects d’Art, Nygard, Outlander, Fenn-Wright & Manson, AMC among others before starting her own design business.


Since 2005, they have been working together privately preparing the enclosed bodies of work. In 2013, they went public with their collaborations:

2015 - group show
Exhibit No.9, Asbury Park, NJ USA
“Normal Is Boring”

2014 - group show
Monmouth Museum of Art, Lincroft NJ USA
Selected for 36th Annual Exhibition

2014 - solo exhibition
Exhibit No.9, Asbury Park, NJ USA
“fire / works”

2013 - group show
Monmouth Museum of Art, Lincroft NJ USA
Selected for 35th Annual Exhibition

2013 - group show
Torche Galerie, Belmar, NJ USA
“Inside Out”

2013 - group show
Exhibit No.9, Asbury Park, NJ USA
“n.e.w. - New Experimental Works”

2013 - group show
Torche Galerie, Belmar NJ USA
“Opening Exhibition”