“It is important to us to challenge the traditional understandings of photography and fine art and remove typical distinctions of what a photograph or painting is and allow the viewer to focus on the image without being defined by the medium.”

Collaborative husband and wife team Tom & Lois White are cofounders and resident artists at Exhibit No.9, gallery and studio for contemporary art. Both are designers and photographic artists immersed both commercially and in the fine arts.

Their work explores the vagaries of light through the use of multiple exposure, color, black and white, and positive / negative relationships. The results challenge the viewer’s perception of the image’s subject matter and medium. Whether it is the quiet focus of their black and white images, or the dynamic compositions of their subtractive multiple exposure composites, their dual approach redefines their everyday surroundings, travels, and experiences.

Complemented by an experimental process in everything from intent, to shooting and editing, to the printmaking process, The Whites use the photographic medium as a launching point to create stories behind veils of abstract and representational images. They aim to find that edge where light meets dark, where life is lived in an ambiguous and indefinable world.

Their process bridges the digital and analog worlds. The Whites work in the digital darkroom and meticulously produce archival pigment prints on classical cotton rag papers with results rivaling traditional printmaking.

In addition to his fine art work, Tom is a widely commissioned and published art director, designer and image maker. His award-winning work is produced for clients all over the world. On their collaborations, he is the “canvas” behind the duo. He has the pleasure of unwrapping Lois’ raw footage and revealing and expanding their stories.

Lois is the lens behind the pair. She is a textile and knitwear designer and photographer who simultaneously weaves ideas, concepts and experiences to with her camera. For her, the use of the lens is less about capturing a moment and more about an intent or experience that is palpable to the viewer. For Lois, the camera is the conduit between the the real and the emotions.

Tom is also the printmaker and founder of 9 Surf Editions, a fine art print studio working one-on-one with artists and photographers all around the world.