Ole Marius Jørgensen

Ole Marius Joergensen is a fine art photographer with a background in film based in Oslo. He combines humor and a Norwegian strain of surrealism in his work and finds his inspiration in old folk tales and Nordic sagas. He likes to shoot in the sparsely populated areas of the Northern regions. Many of his iconic images reflect the dreams and fears of his countrymen and raise questions of identity.


The Way North

Between rough mountain ridges, ancient forests and deep fjords once lived a cold, strange group of people. Their beautiful, small country would come to be known as Norway or 'The Way North'. The great wilderness provided them their livelihood, but also presented dangers. Mysterious incidents in this desolate landscape forced the people to recognize the existence of diverse nature spirits. They discovered a variety of peculiar creatures living in their midst, some benevolent, others evil. Several well-known 19th century Norwegian artists painted these spirits, but none ever captured them on film – until now.

Peeping Tom

This cinematic narrative takes a look at the secret fascination with voyeurism. People have always been drawn to peeping, snooping and spying into the lives of others. Jørgensen's narrative explores this obsession and their consequences. The viewer is shown different scenarios and is asked to figure out what's going on. What the, spectator comes up with is largely based on his/her own cultural background and personality. 

No(rwegian) Superhero

"At the age of seven, I became obsessed with super heroes. It was the only thing I could think of.  I loved their meaningful and adventurous life. I was taken by their colorful costumes. My mother even made me one. As children we are driven to pursue the unattainable, but to no avail. I remained the same little boy chasing my dream. When I grew up I decided to make Superman the subject of a photo series." Jørgensen's  project shows the character of Superman as a real human being, going after the impossible mission. His big dream is to fly, regardless of the consequences - it's trials and error.



SOLO EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                                       

2015 EXHIBIT NO 9, Asbury Park, NJ : "The Way North"                                                                               
2014 BAKER+HESSELDENZ, Tucson, Arizona : "The Way North" + "Vignettes"                                          
2014 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo: "No. Superhero"                                                                                                 
2013 Valdres Museum, Fagernes: "Kampf am Berg"                                                                                        
2013 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo: "Kampf am Berg"                                                                                               
2012 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo: "N O I R W A Y - L'Heure Blue"                                                                        
2011 Hotel NYC-JC, Jersey City: "MUZ ART - Oslo Philharmonics"                                                              
2010 Royal Albert Halll, London: "MUZ ART - Oslo Philharmonics"                                                               
2010 Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam: "B - 3 1"                                                                                                     
2010 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo: "WONDERCOM IN SPECTATORSCAPES"                                                     
2009 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo: "B - 3 1"                                                                                                            
2008 Barge House, London  "OSLO"                                                                                                              
2008 House of Photography, Oslo: "OSLO SKY BIRDS and more"                                                                
2006 Goethe-Institut, Oslo: "Mystical tour in Germany"                                                                                  
2006 Oslo Cathedral, Oslo: "W.A.MOZART"                                                                                                   
2006 Galleri Kontoret, Oslo: "Oslo-Christiania"                                                                                              


2015 SCOPE Art fair Miami Fl
2015 Kunst Rett Vest, Asker, No
2015 Factory Light Festival, Slemmestd, No
2015 THE FENCE , Boston, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Houston
2015 Qvale Galleri, Oslo, No
2015 MANA Conteporary,  NJ
2014 SCOPE Art fair Miami Fl
2014 LACDA`s  Electron Saloon, LA
2014 Chelsea 27 art space  IMAGE14: winners exhibition, NYC
2014 Photo Independent Art Fair, Los Angeles
2014 RESOLUTION 2014 The New York Photo Festival
2013 Spectrum Miami Art Fair, Miami
2013 Preus Museum, Horten , No
2013 Saatchi Gallery, London  Saatchi screen/ dig. 
2012 Int`l Masters of Photography, Las Vegas
2011 NOoSPHERE Arts , NYC
2011 Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam: "B - 3 1"
2009 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo


2015 Photographer`s Forum  - the 35th Annual Spring Photography Contest
2015 8th Annual International Color Awards‏
2014 Photographer`s Forum  - the 34th Annual Spring Photography Contest
2014 ASMP NEW YORK IMAGE 14 - Annual int`l photo contest
2014 The Color Awards / 7th AnnualPhotography Masters Cup
2014 RESOLUTION 2014 The New York Photo Festival
2014 Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award
2013 ASMP NEW YORK IMAGE 13 - Annual int`l photo contest
2013 Best of Photography 2013, 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest


2015 LensCulture / Editors pick  - Discover Norway
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